Speakers and seminars


Laura Cancedda (IIT, department of Neuroscience, Genova, Italy)
Seminar title: Treating Neurodevelopmental Disorders: challenges, issues, problems, concerns, difficulties, arms, worries But We Need to Start from Somewhere

Silvia Cappello (Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich, Germany)
Seminar title: Mechanisms regulating human neurogenesis and associated disorders

Pierre Gressens (Centre for the Developing Brain, Department of Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, King’s College London, King’s Health Partners, St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, United Kingdom.)
Seminar title: Impact of systemic inflammation on the developing brain

Francois Guillemot (The Francis Crick Institute, Midland Road, London NW 1AT, UK)
Seminar title: Neural stem cell heterogeneity and dynamics in the adult mammalian brain

Denis Jabaudon (Department of Basic Neurosciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland; Department of Neurology, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland)
Seminar title: Temporal controls over forebrain neuron diversity

Simona Lodato (Humanitas University, Department of Biomedical Science, Milan, Italy)
Seminar title: Bioelectrical activity in early phases of cortical development and wiring

Laurent Nguyen (GIGA-Stem Cells, Interdisciplinary Cluster for Applied Genoproteomics (GIGA-R), University of Liège, Liège, Belgium.)
Seminar title: Molecular control of neuronal migration in the developing cerebral cortex

Alessandra Pierani (Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris, INSERM U1266, Université de Paris Paris, France)
Seminar title: Patterning of the cerebral cortex: life and death of transient moving organizers

Orly Reiner (Incumbent of the Berstein-Mason professorial chair of Neurochemistry, Department of Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science 234 Herzl St. Rehovot 7610001 Israel)
Seminar title: Multidisciplinary approaches to investigate lissencephaly.